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Day 58 – 60: Ripaille, Yvoire, Geneva and Annecy (France/Switzerland)

The last time we were in Evian we wanted to see Chateau Ripaille (a lovely 14th century castle located in the nearby town of Thonon surrounded by vineyards), but unfortunately we didn’t. This time around we got to tour the chateau which belonged to the Duchy of Savoy (the rulers of this area from the 15th to the 19th century). The Savoyards flexed their muscles throughout northern Italy as well as parts of Switzerland and France – they seemed to enjoy castle life, wine culture and torturing enemies. Continue reading

Days 3 – 4: Geneva & Evian (Switzerland & France)

It was exactly a week ago that we were hanging out in our friends’ backyard in Astoria having farewell drinks and appetizers. It’s hard to believe we’re now a few days into our journey with a couple more exciting days logged into the books.

Yesterday we made our way into Geneva (capital of Switzerland, super financial center, pre-UN League of Nations, WTO, mega-retailer of Swiss chocolates, Rolex, Cartier, etc…); it’s a beautiful town situated on Lake Geneva – ultra clean and orderly.   Continue reading