Being back home… and readjusting

We never really gave much thought to coming home, after all it always seemed so distant and somewhat unwelcoming. And besides that, we were having so much fun on the road. New York City in January/February can be brutally cold and gloomy. On top of that, prospecting for new jobs and readjusting to the city’s ultra rapid beat would compound a pretty heavy duty “to do” list. Reality sure has a way of bluntly making itself present. Which is why we eased our way back into New York, trying to avert shock at all costs. Continue reading Being back home… and readjusting

Day 239 – 242: Washington DC & Home (New York City)

There was one final stop to make before getting back to New York where our journey started almost 8 months ago. That place was Washington DC/Maryland and Virginia. We have a bundle of friends there most of whom date back to Brigitte’s college days. We planned on 3 nights in the area and knew we’d be perpetually surrounded with friends and good times. There was much to catch up on, new baby additions to their families, new houses, the latest news, and seeing their toddlers for the first time in over 8 months. Continue reading Day 239 – 242: Washington DC & Home (New York City)