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Day 39: Brussels (Belgium) – Part 2

Day 2 in Brussels looked very promising for more sightseeing with a forecast of 79 degrees and sunny skies. So we decided to continue with the Art Nouveau circuit we had started a couple of days earlier. But unfortunately about an hour into our walk the weather turned cloudy and cool with that dreaded feel of imminent rain – still, we remained undeterred and got a couple of hours in before it actually started to rain. Continue reading Day 39: Brussels (Belgium) – Part 2

Day 37: Brussels (Belgium) – Part 1

We started our first day in Brussels on a dreary and very quiet Sunday, or so it seemed on our 20 minute walk to the Metro. We got off near the La Grande-Place which was our main starting point as it’s the main square and the heart of Brussels (and the place was packed!). Some of the oldest and most beautiful buildings surrounding the square date back to the 11th century at least. Continue reading Day 37: Brussels (Belgium) – Part 1