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Day 53 – 54: Zurich (Switzerland)

We decided to stop in Zurich for a couple of nights and see my childhood best friend (Adi), who lives there with his wife and their son. Zurich is Switzerland’s largest city and sits at the end of the beautiful Zurichsee or Lake Zurich. It’s located in the German speaking region of the country (with Zurich German being the main language). Continue reading Day 53 – 54: Zurich (Switzerland)

Day 6: Lausanne (Switzerland)

Lausanne, now here’s a city that knows how to pack a punch full of character! We took a day trip to this wonderful Swiss town by taking the Ferry from Evian. It’s a 35 minute ride that would take your breath away on a sunny day. We were not as fortunate but decided to make the best of our day’s visit. Lausanne is Switzerland’s 4th largest city (pop 135,000), and it is located within the “French” part of the country. Continue reading Day 6: Lausanne (Switzerland)