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Day 145 – 146: Siem Reap Part 2 (Angkor Temples) Cambodia

Our morning visit of Pre Rup and Banteay Srei temples was electrifying and got us revved up for a busy afternoon. There were four more temples on the itinerary but on the way to the first, we made a pit stop at the Land Mine Museum. Cambodia’s past of being tangled in internal conflict as well as in the Vietnam War, saw it on the receiving end of major bombing and indiscriminate land mine blanketing. Continue reading

Day 143 – 144: Siem Reap Part 1 (Angkor Temples) Cambodia

The main reason for coming to Cambodia was to see Angkor Wat, one of Brigitte’s top 5 must see places in the world. Angkor Wat is just a few miles away from the city of Siem Reap, the launch pad for most visitors to the great temples and naturally our next destination. The bus to Siem Reap (from Phnom Penh), tore through the Cambodian countryside and saw us there within 6 hours. Continue reading