Wine Experiences from Around the World

I’ve always subscribed to the notion that food tastes best from its source – and the same would go for wine. One of the things our journey afforded us was the opportunity to put this notion to the test. We made it a point to visit as many wine regions as possible and indulge in some of their finest wines. From Italy’s Barolo & Barbaresco to France’s Chateuneuf du Pape & Bandol, from  Australia’s Yara Valley to New Zealand’s Martinborough, we roamed through vineyards, sniffed swirled and sipped our way through dozens of tasting rooms while combining our passion for travel and wine. And as it turned out our theory was true. Wine is better from its source..


One thought on “Wine Experiences from Around the World”

  1. I’ll drink to that!!
    Great photos…I feel as though I’ve just visited those places with you.

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