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Day 80: Esztergom, Visegrad & Budapest (Hungary)

After a couple of solid days of exploring Budapest we opted for a road trip. Our itinerary included one of Buda’s caves, and the towns of Esztergom and Visegrad.

Budapest is not only fascinating above ground but under as well – there about 200 caves under the Hungarian capital but only 3 are open to the public. Continue reading Day 80: Esztergom, Visegrad & Budapest (Hungary)

Day 77 – 79: Budapest (Hungary)

Within less than 20 minutes on the highway (after leaving Bratislava), the Slovakia/Hungary border quietly slipped under us. Soon after we noticed signs for the town of Gyor and decided to stop. Armed with a map and recommended sights (from the Tourism Info Office), we made our way through town. Most remarkable and beautiful was the new City Hall, an elaborate 19th century building. Continue reading Day 77 – 79: Budapest (Hungary)