Costa Rica (La Fortuna, Arenal & Manuel Antonio)

A few years ago I bought the Lonely Planet travel guide on Costa Rica, more-so out of curiosity than initiating a trip at that time. Olivia must’ve been around 16 months then, perhaps a few months too soon to take on the natural wonders of the Central American country. In late 2018, the talk of a mid-winter trip was brewing with our friends Jason and Jessica (and son Jasper). We had previously traveled together to St. Martin and Mexico, Jasper and Olivia being tried and true travel buddies, were excited about venturing to a new destination (and so were we, the parents)! This time however, we would be going as a group of seven as Luna (our 14-month old), joined the ranks. This was Luna’s second trip out of the country. Continue reading Costa Rica (La Fortuna, Arenal & Manuel Antonio)