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Being back home… and readjusting

We never really gave much thought to coming home, after all it always seemed so distant and somewhat unwelcoming. And besides that, we were having so much fun on the road. New York City in January/February can be brutally cold and gloomy. On top of that, prospecting for new jobs and readjusting to the city’s ultra rapid beat would compound a pretty heavy duty “to do” list. Reality sure has a way of bluntly making itself present. Which is why we eased our way back into New York, trying to avert shock at all costs. Continue reading Being back home… and readjusting

Day 239 – 242: Washington DC & Home (New York City)

There was one final stop to make before getting back to New York where our journey started almost 8 months ago. That place was Washington DC/Maryland and Virginia. We have a bundle of friends there most of whom date back to Brigitte’s college days. We planned on 3 nights in the area and knew we’d be perpetually surrounded with friends and good times. There was much to catch up on, new baby additions to their families, new houses, the latest news, and seeing their toddlers for the first time in over 8 months. Continue reading Day 239 – 242: Washington DC & Home (New York City)

Day 233 – 238: Charleston (SC) & Wrightsville Beach (NC)

It took us about 8 hours by car to reach Charleston from Naples (Florida), which put us there around 8pm. We were very excited about visiting the town’s historic parts the next morning so we got an early start. Known for its southern hospitality and politeness, Charleston’s American roots run deep as does its religious tolerance (it was one of the first American towns to allow religious freedom to non-Catholics). Interestingly, it’s also the place that sparked the first battles leading to the Civil War. Continue reading Day 233 – 238: Charleston (SC) & Wrightsville Beach (NC)

Day 222 – 232: Los Angeles & Naples FL (USA)

The inevitable – returning home to America – had finally happened. Facing a 9.5 hour long flight from Fiji to Los Angeles, we had plenty of time to reflect over the past 7 months. I was wired with emotion and reluctant to fully understand that the next country we’d land in was “home”. Brigitte too was overcome by sadness and just as incredulous about our 7 months having expired. As I wrestled with the notion of this is it – the end – Brigitte seemed to effortlessly find the alternative, sleep. But as the overnight flight bounced its way across the Pacific Ocean, I was kept awake for just about the entire ride. Continue reading Day 222 – 232: Los Angeles & Naples FL (USA)

New York

Here we go! The countdown is on, we’re only a few days away from the first leg of our trip. Preparations are in full swing and we’re getting more and more excited. So many things to bring and such little space to carry everything… should be interesting.

Thursday night was our farewell party at tbd and we were joined by many dear friends and family. We had a blast! Cheers to everyone for sending us off in great spirits. We will definitely miss all of you!