New York

Here we go! The countdown is on, we’re only a few days away from the first leg of our trip. Preparations are in full swing and we’re getting more and more excited. So many things to bring and such little space to carry everything… should be interesting.

Thursday night was our farewell party at tbd and we were joined by many dear friends and family. We had a blast! Cheers to everyone for sending us off in great spirits. We will definitely miss all of you!






10 thoughts on “New York

  1. JoAnn Magdoff

    Bon voyage Brigitte & Alex!
    Alex thanks for blogging!
    May I share with you the only advice my adviser gave me when I left to do anthropological fieldwork? He said: “Eat everything!”
    Big hug Brigitte!

  2. Bret

    Good luck guys! Do everything and try to never sleep… Blaze trails… and other things! NYC ain’t changing don’t miss it.

  3. Vanessa

    Bon voyage! We miss you already, but can’t wait to hear the exciting stories you’ll have to share. Love you.

  4. Adi

    Brigitte & Alex…hope to see you in Zurich…it would be great to host you at our place…Adi&Simo&Darius

  5. Terry

    Hey lady,

    Ahere your step by step account of whats happening? You are gone 2 days now. I need an update!


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